Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 7 - Candid Shots (Kinda Sorta)

Today I went with my photo guru Brian to the Devereux Slough. He suggested I try taking "candid" portraits, so I told him to "sit on a bench and do something interesting" (I know, oh so candid). I also took a few shots of the slough. Most of my pictures didn't turn out well today, unfortunately. Also, from now on I'll just be posting the post-processed picture unless I'm intentionally trying to create a non-realistic effect, in which case I'll post both the before and after. The problem is that after fiddling with contrast, brightness, and saturation for awhile it's hard for me to tell what looks realistic and what doesn't. So if you see shots that look like some pretentious art school shit and I don't specifically mention that I was trying for that, please call me out.


  1. I'm gonna be famous! Just kidding. I really like the shots. Your scenery shot came out better than any of mine. The one of me is a tine over exposed, but still nicely done. I'm beginning to think that your camera handles high contrast better than mine, or maybe you're just setting better exposure.

  2. That's a cute candid photo of Brian. I like the tender "I love you" moment he's having with his camera. D'awww.

    Cool photos, Maxine. I'm looking forward to your future posts.