Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 19 - Fire!

Tonight Nick and I went over to Brian and Nell's house for dinner. Before they made us delicious bananas foster for dessert, we practiced taking pictures of the burning alcohol. That proved pretty freaking difficult because the light had to be really low in order to see the flame well. This is my best shot, and it's still not that good. I do like how the little screw things that bolt the handle on to the pan look like glowing eyes, though.


  1. They do look like glowing eyes. Nicely done, a lot better than mine. I didn't get a single one like this in focus. I had to go with an "artsy" one that I had to turn the brightness way up on the computer.

  2. Those glowing eyes look like kitties in kitty cat hell.... very eerie photo.

  3. The 8 year old pyro in me loves this for the fire and resemblance of something like a magical witches melting pot. The 28 year old me appreciates the difficulty in the shot and the fire that looks like a magical melting pot!