Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 6 - More Siamese If You Please (Or If You Don't Please)

Didn't feel like going out today, so I turned, once again, to the kitties. Since I've already used pictures of Elim twice, I felt like it was Perdita's turn. Unfortunately, she wasn't being very cooperative or doing anything particularly cute/interesting. Once Elim realized that she was getting all the attention, he promptly decided to steal the show by peaking out adorably from the hole in their cat tree. First picture is the original; second has been post-processed (major brightness increase, slight saturation increase). I'm pleased with the effect created in the second picture—it looks like he's sticking his head out into the afternoon sun (it was actually very cloudy today).

I feel bad that I still haven't posted a picture of Perdita, but her moment in the spotlight will come. In other news, I bought a 45–200mm lens, which should be here on Tuesday. Woot!

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