Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 36 - More Dead People and the Casa Rosada

I realized that I hadn't taken very many pictures while in Recoleta, so we headed back over and wandered around some more. This first shot gives a good idea of what the place looks like, although the colors are a bit washed out. We then walked around the neighborhood a bit before catching a taxi to the Plaza de Mayo, the main square in Buenos Aires. The second picture is of the Casa Rosada (the equivalent of the White House) with a statue of nationalist hero José de San Martín in front. The square also features the national cathedral (with San Martín's remains), the somewhat gaudy National Bank building, the cabildo (the seat of the viceroyal government during the 1800s), and a huge monument dedicated to the May 25, 1810, revolution against Spanish rule. We then walked back through San Telmo and got some awesome pizza for dinner.

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