Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 34 - They Don't Make Playgrounds Like This Anymore

By mid-morning the rain had finally stopped, but we only had a few hours before our ferry for Buenos Aires. Since we'd already seen the main sights of the tiny town and didn't feel like shopping, we just wandered around. We found some interesting stuff—a well-done graffiti portrait of Mr. T., a car parked outside an aquarium with a giant stuffed fish inside, and an awesome playground. This is one of those hardcore old-school playgrounds with toys that kids can actually hurt themselves on. They had some 55-gallon drum swings that Nick got on, and a maze. A freaking maze! Covered in hippie/stoner graffiti and littered with broken glass from beer bottles! I was pretty jealous of the kids who get to play in this splinter- and tetanus-ridden wonderland.


  1. Oh man, I'd have so much fun at that playground!

  2. Those barrel swings look designed for death. I'd give my siblings and I ten minutes before somebody said "I bet I can jump through one while Jack's swinging on it." Nice shot, I like the orange on green colors.