Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 31 - The Final Day in Montevideo

Today was our last day in Montevideo and the first day it was actually sunny (we got continually screwed by the weather on this trip). The main event for today was a city tour (yeah, not really sure why we did that the last day, as opposed to the first...). We saw some of the places we'd already walked to, but the tour also took us out to some areas we wouldn't have been able to reach on foot, including the upscale Prado and Pocitos neighborhoods, the huge soccer stadium, some nice parks, and the Parliament building). Today's first picture is of a building facing Plaza Independencia. It apparently used to be a hotel with a lighthouse at the top, but now it's an apartment building with a cell tower on top. The second picture is of a dog that would come out on the roof of the building across from our hotel room and bark at the people and cars going by. It was pretty freaking adorable.

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