Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 291 - Romero Canyon Hike

Since I have to go to a work conference on Saturday, I got to take today off as a comp day and decided to go for a hike up Romero Canyon. Unlike most people, who simply go up and down the fire road, we went up the canyon trail (which is 90% rocks, I swear to God) and then down the fire road. The hike supposedly offers some amazing views of Montecito and the ocean, but it was super foggy, so that was a no go. Still, a very fun 10-mile hike.

First shot is of a random, pretty part of the hike (which was nicely forested—at least by Santa Barbara standards). Second photo is of a cool spiderweb we found (unfortunately, I only had my 14–45mm lens and couldn't get very close because it was surrounded by poison oak). Last shot is just to show how freaking misty it was.

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  1. I like the first shot, and the spiderweb photo came out awesome!