Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 271 - Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 29 and began my Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. Had one of my favorite sandwiches (speck and gorgonzola panini from Bucatini) and my absolute favoritest dessert (a hazelnut ├ęclair from Renauld's) for lunch. Did my final Couch to 5k run (and rocked it), and then had a huge group dinner at Zaytoon with friends. As we were starting to disperse after dinner, I realized I hadn't taken my photo, so I got these fun shots of Brian photobombing my shot of Jeff and Carey and Nicole blowing hookah smoke. Oh, and then we went back with Lianne, Brendon, Jeff, and Carey to watch Jurassic Park, which was awesome (except I slept through the best third of it).


  1. God I'm a goober. That's an awesome shot of Nicole though!

  2. Looks like Jeff was all puckered up (and pissed) when everyone turned towards your camera.
    Someone blowing multiple hookah smoke rings might be a good shoot.... next time.

  3. Whoa, it took me a second to realize that person in the middle of the first picture was me, not Nicole.