Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 272 - On the Farm

Day 2 of my Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Today I got a massage at Santa Barbara Bodyworks and then headed up to the Gaviota area to do some berry picking (always wanted to do this). We picked strawberries and I also bought some pre-picked blackberries. The ad promised farm animals and they did not disappoint. There were goats, cows, and miniature donkeys. We also drove up the road a little way to Nojoqui Falls Park and walked to the waterfall. Then later that night we went over to Kickapow for a potluck to celebrate Lianne's birthday on Tuesday. I concocted an awesome pizza with homemade dough and sauce, capers, prosciutto, and garlic.

I apparently was not feeling very choosy about my farm photos. The first one is of Brian in this random, amusing bathtub near the barn. And, in case you completely suck at identifying farm animals, the second is of one of the goats poking its nose through the fence, third is a bull, and fourth is the farm dog playing with some random little girl who was there with her mom to pick berries.

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  1. You got such fun shots!! I really like the goat. And the bull looks like he's staring you down, giving you the evil eye. Oh, and you should find better models, that guy in the bath tub is a dope.