Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 118 - Candid Shot and Self-Portrait

Jennifer, Heather, and I spent most of the day making delicious lumpia and pumpkin pie ice cream. The New Year's Eve party was low key (at least compared to past years), but very fun. Before I got too snockered on vodka-and-redbulls, I actually managed to take a candid shot—my first ever! Jenna and Shannon were going nuts blowing noisemakers at each other. I'm also including a picture of myself that I took—not because it's particularly good (it's not—the lighting was awful and the top of my fun headband is cut off), but because I actually caught myself looking happy, which is rare. So it's kind of like a candid self-portrait.

1 comment:

  1. I think you look like the vodka-and-redbulls are starting to make you feel squirrel-ly..... but you are confidant that, IF YOU DO CHUNDER... you can hit the toilet from where you are standing.
    Sort of a confidant-blitzed look.