Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 363 - Best Parents Ever

I spent the morning and early afternoon hanging out with Jeff, Carey, Nicole, and Bryant. I'm trying to subscribe to Carey's method of dealing with goodbyes (by pretending they're not actually happening), but it's not really working. Then I met up with my parents to do the last bit of cleaning, collect the final boxes, and have dinner together at The Palace Grill. They really are the best parents ever, and I will miss having them close by. But, because they're so awesome, I know they'll support me in whatever I do... even if it's a crazy move across the country. (Decided to make the photo black and white because the lighting outside Palace was kind of meh.)


  1. Thanks for the webcam so we can see and communicate simultaneously.
    We are happy that you are with good friends that are supportive and fun.
    We hear from other parents all the time about how their kids are slackers, crazy or just plain stupid and we realize that life is so sweet when your kid has marketable skills, a reasonably good job, a cheerful disposition, and friends that appreciate her. You make us look like we are great parents and we are so proud of you. Anywhere you want to go and in anything that you want to do, Mom and I will support you and love you.... no matter what the future holds for all of us.

  2. And you my dear are an awesome daughter!