Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 196 - OMG SNOW!!!!

Today was the Best. Day. Ever. It snowed in the mountains above Santa Barbara last night, so this morning Brian and I drove up East Camino Cielo to check it out. I was expecting a few little patches but was amazed to discover full-on, legit snow about six inches deep. Amid ridiculous amounts of gleeful squealing, I proceeded to throw snowballs, make and eviscerate a snowman, besiege a snow fort, make a snow angel, and go sledding (thanks random guy who let us borrow your sled four times in a row). Unfortunately, I was so entranced by the snow that I forgot to check my camera settings which, were completely out of whack (my ISO was set at freaking 1600 and my white balance was set to incandescent). And, since I didn't want to get my camera wet, I only took a few pictures before playing. Oh well, I regret nothing—I had a total blast. (Oh, and afterward I went to farmers' market and bought strawberries. Love you California!) The shot of Brian throwing a snowball at me is my favorite by far.

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