Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 342 - Joey Has a Thing for Condensation

Wow, what an eventful day. Spent the morning organizing my remaining stuff, then went to see Total Recall with Alex. Beers at HBC afterward, then a nap and some more organizing. Got some frozen yogurt with Jeff and Carey and then went back to their house to watch Mean Girls (again!) and wait for the Perseid meteor shower to peak. I figured I probably wouldn't get any good shots of the meteor shower, so I took this photo of Joey licking the condensation off of Carey's frozen yogurt container (he has a thing for condensation... don't ask me why).

Then we piled blankets and sleeping bags into Jeff's truck and headed up to West Camino Cielo to watch the shower. It was absolutely amazing! I saw at least 20 meteors while laying in the bed and sharing a bottle of wine with Carey. I do wish, though, that I'd tried a little harder to take a photo of them. Oh well. The best part was laying in the back of the bed while Jeff drove us back down to 154—totally reminded me of childhood! Then it was off to Freebirds to get a late-night meal.

And then things went terribly, terribly wrong. Drunken me thought it would be a great idea to have Carey teach me some ballet moves. In the process of doing one, I landed wrong and my ankle sort of crumpled in on itself. Definitely one of my more painful life experiences. But Jeff and Carey took good care of me and got me back home, where I promptly fell asleep.

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  1. Man, you think it's a happy story and then BAM! Disaster strikes.