Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 317 - Road Trip, Day 3 - Tioga Pass Area

Today we checked out the Tioga Pass area, which is at quite a high altitude. First stop was Olmstead Point, which offered some pretty amazing views of Clouds Rest. Then we drove up to Tuolumne Meadows, from which we hiked to Budd Lake. This wasn't an official trail (it's used mostly by climbers), so we lost it a few times, but we passed only a few people and had the lake, once we found it, all to ourselves. The high altitude (about 9,500 feet) made this hike a bit challenging for me, but it was totally worth it. Getting to swim in an alpine lake was amazing. The third photo is a shot of Cathedral Peak from the lake.

Oh, and by this point I was using my point-and-shoot exclusively, because it was much easier to tote around and those damned spots were showing up again in my 14–45mm lens.

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  1. Those last two shots are beautiful! I'm so bummed that I accidentally left my camera in the car. That was a beautiful hike, and soooo many wildflowers.